The Improv Tournament!

Think your team has what it takes to compete against all the other teams, accumulate the most points, survive elimination and win a CASH PRIZE? 




You can't win if you don't enter

Teams must be entered by Feb. 28th, 2018. 



The nitty gritty, FAQ, fine print, etc

Ok. How does this work? 

Your team can perform whatever you want

There are 3 rounds &  a STRICT 35 minute time limit!

What does that mean?

It means if your team takes 18 minutes in the first round, you'll only have 17 minutes between the next two rounds. 

Ok. How do we win? 

Matches are scored by audience ballot. Winner gets 3 points, Loser gets none. 

Each team gets to battle at least twice to accumulate points before we start eliminations. 

Do I have to be in a troupe to enter? 

No way! Anyone can enter a team consisting of whomever they want. 

Wait- This really is for everyone? 

Yes! If you're in a troupe, if you're not, if you have no idea how many troupes there are in London, if you're a student, if you're not -  Everyone is welcome to submit a team or find a team to join. 

Can I be on more than one team? 


Is this a one time thing? 

No. Every few weeks until all teams are eliminated and we have a winner! We'll email all confirmed teams exact show dates, and then publicize shows. We'll also let the confirmed teams know about prize money. 

Oh yeah! Lets talk money. How much does it cost to enter? Pants Labyrinth must be making bank! 

Well, rumour has it we do have a solid gold bell, but our insurance (Lloyds of the other London) only let us use it at practice. It costs $25 to enter a team. With the Eventbrite fees, it'll set you back $26.74. More than half that amount will be used for prize money. 

That's very transparent, but I'm very thorough; So what exactly will I be getting for my $26.74?

Your team will be registered; You'll enter into at least 3 battles and have the chance to compete against other improv teams. You may win! And then you'll have MADE money. Look at you, You're bitcoin!




London Improv Cagematch.jpg

      Official Cagematch Rules

  1. There is a STRICT 35 minute time limit over 3 rounds. Teams will get 0 ZERO seconds over their time. Don't make us buy an airhorn!
  2. Obey the airhorn. (We're probably gonna buy one) 
  3. Teams cannot touch timers!
  4. No team member substitutions. If one of your members is sick, you'll have to go on without them. If you are a duo, Congratulations! It's your first solo show. 
  5. We might think of other rules. We hope not though, this seems like a good amount. 
Step one: enter! Step two: destroy opponents! Step three: taste victory!

Step one: enter! Step two: destroy opponents! Step three: taste victory!