We’re a southwestern ontario based improv troupe that perform shows all over Ontario and a little bit into Michigan. We’d probably come to your town if you asked us. 

What could we tell you here that the whole site couldn’t? We’re super into improv, as people say. We’re passionate about building an improv community in London, Ontario and about connecting with the wonderful greater improv community outside of London. We love attending the Detroit Improv festival, and the Improv retreat in Wisconsin. We believe in continuous learning and are working to bring the life changing non-secret secrets of improv to a wider range of people. 

We’re known for our creativity and we have so many things up our sleeves. Right now, we love doing themed shows, as well we are working to expand our immersive experiences and can create one especially for your group or organization. 

You can learn about us individually here

Also, we're a little keepy tracky, so you can see our full history thus far right here