We're a London, Ontario based improv troupe


Each of our performances is completely made up on the spot and unique

We perform long form improv and classic short form games, often adding an unexpected twist. We do a lot of themed shows and we've invented a ton of our own original games. We also host themed events that bring improv off the stage and into the real world. 

We love the improv scene in London, and continue to carve out our own niche with our innovative ideas. 

“Of all the local improv groups that make a home in the Forest City, Pants Labyrinth continues to be the most creative.”
— Pat Tiffin (LondonFuse.ca)
I went to one of their interactive events (Dear Boss) and it was incredible. No one in London is doing what they are!
— John P.
I thought the handcuff thing was very original.
— Colin A.
Our first immersive event of 2018 

Our first immersive event of 2018 


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